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Mar 28 2019 - Analyitical Space - Tanvee


Before becoming an adopted Virginian, Tanveer was a perpetual new kid who had lived in five different states and two countries - all before the age of 18. He is now very content to now be settled in Alexandria and now feels a deep sense of loyalty to all things “Virginia.”

Tanveer is passionate about building and expanding community through free-markets, innovation, and exploring our shared history. Out of that passion, he founded Pioneer1890, an investment & advisory firm that partners with companies to create or establish new frontiers. He is also currently a Venture Partner at NexGen. After being a part of the founding team of the venture-backed satellite company, “Analytical Space,” he went on to serve as COO/CFO. During his tenure, Analytical Space was named to Fast&Co’s 2019 list of most innovative companies, launched the first commercial cube-satellite equipped with a laser, and raised over $6 million in capital led by MIT’s The Engine and Flybridge Capital.

Tanveer is also a Political Leaders Program Fellow with the Sorensen Institute at the University of Virginia, a member of the Leadership Now Project, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a member of the AEI Enterprise Club, and a former Aspen Idea Scholar.

He has extensive public speaking experience at events hosted by prestigious groups such as MIT Sloan, C5 Accelerate, America’s Future Series Panel, and Horasis and his expertise covers venture capital, national security, and economic development. His most recent panel included former Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielson.

Tanveer is relentlessly curious about aviation and U.S. history. He is a certified open water scuba diver and can often be found playing fetch or keep away with his labradoodle, Sadie. He will be marrying his best friend, Renee, in August of this year and is ready to celebrate the end of the pandemic!

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